December 11, 2017


MA.RE srl operates in the segment of frozen, fresh and dried fish products from all over the world. Today srl, with a distinguished experience and reliability, offers the best quality from the best international brands. Food security and convenience have always been priorities.

Environmental policy

The company has adopted an ISO14001: 2004 environmental management system that respects and protects the environment and its resources. The photovoltaic system installed on the roof reduces the energy need from the traditional sources contributing to the reduction of atmospheric pollution (carbon dioxide emissions generated by the traditional thermoelectric power plants).

Internal logistics

Refrigerating capacity -20 ° C
Refrigerating capacity 0 ° C
Picking area -20 ° C
Freezing tunnel
Purification of bivalve molluscs
Molluscs cephalopods processing
Packaging line
Tanks for maintaining live products
m3 7000
m3 2000
m3 5000
m3 240
mq 150
mq 100
mq 320
mq 50
Shipping department
Frozen product
Fresh product
mq 300
mq 220


S.S. Romea Km 92.630
Valli -30015 Chioggia (VE)

TEL +39 0415571511
FAX +39 0415571537